Hov Pod Hovercraft For Work and Play

hov pod hovercraft

Hov Pod Hovercraft :

Hov Pod Hovercraft is represented by us as the Malaysian Affiliate for Reaction International Limited of Southampton, England, to help promote the Hov Pod.

The Hov Pod Hovercraft resembles a hovercar, and is very easy to drive. These amphibious vehicles are great fun, as they hover over any flat surface, including water, ice, snow, sand, mud, grass etc. Just watch the video below to see the Hov Pod being taken out to prove its capabilities.

The Hov Pod has been designed to popularise hovercraft technology for leisure use. Until now, most small hovercraft has been limited to self-build kits and racing craft. The Hov Pod Hovercraft approach is different, as we focus on ease of use, reliability, durability and safety. You don’t need to be a pilot to drive one – the Hov Pod design is so easy that after 10 minutes you will have mastered the basics.

Don’t forget to Contact Us to have one of our representatives respond to your enquiry. Reaction International Limited has set out to make leisure hovercraft ownership easy, so do get in touch soon.

Hov Pod Hovercraft are safe, reliable, durable, easy and great fun to ride. They’re great for family outings, hunting and fishing trips. You can enjoy the unique sensation of traveling on a cushion of air, over any flat surface at speeds up to 45 mph. They’re also a great rental business opportunity.